Look ma, more voter fraud!

Honestly, I didn’t intend for today to be “Look at all the fraud day”, but it seems that somehow, Marion County has 105% of all eligible voters registered!  It’s probably just a coincidence that ACORN, the “community group” under investigation for voter fraud in Nevada has an office in Marion County.  It’s also probably just a coincidence that in Marion County, voter registration is overseen by the County Clerk, who just happened to be offering preferred seats at the Obama rally in exchange for votes.

So let’s see…we’ve got the County Clerk bribing people for votes, we’ve got 105% of our eligible population in Marion County registered to vote, I wonder what other shenanigans we’re going to see?  Welcome to Chicago Machine politics indeed.  I wonder what we’ll see next?

I keep hearing people say that Obama is running a clean campaign, that he’s honest and wouldn’t resort to dirty political tactics to win an election.  Sadly, I don’t think any of the people who say that read my blog, because I just wish that they would admit that their savior is just another politician, and one who is clearly not above a little bit of dirty pool to win.  As a pro-gun, pro-individual liberties person, I am looking down the barrel of four years under the administration of a man who is clearly committed to winning this election no matter what, and once in office has an agenda I find personally, fiscally, and in some places even morally repugnant.

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  1. Most of the time, when I brace Democrats for their party’s moral turpitude, they grin and get proud-looking. “Just bare-knuckle politics,” they’ll say, usually with a knowing chuckle.

    My question is always, “If your candidate will lie, cheat, steal, or kill to get elected, how can you trust he’ll deliver on his promises to YOU once he’s in office?”

    And, of course, they never do. But their supporters never learn.

    Come to think of it, that describes conservatives and the GOP, to some extent, dunnit?


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