Tonight on Gun Nuts – Competition Shooting

Tonight on Gun Nuts Radio at 9pm eastern time, Breda and I will be giving an introduction to competition shooting.  The idea behind the show will be to give a newbie shooter a good idea of what they need in terms of guns and gear to get into one or more of any of the various pistol shooting sports.

Additionally, we’ll be featuring an interview with an NRA-EVC from one of the battleground states during the later portion of the show.  You can take part in the discussion live at 9pm Eastern time by calling in to the show at (347) 539-5436.  Again, we’re live on the air at starting at 9pm Eastern time.

Now, Breda and I realized this morning that the show would be on air at the same time as the presidential debate, so we understand if you blow us off to listen to McCain and Obama repeat the same talking points over and over again.  That’s why the show will be available to download, same as always, the following morning.

But tune in tomorrow night live at 9pm Eastern time, to for all you need to know to get into the shooting sports!


  1. No scheduling conflict for me. My local talk station is running the whole debate, on air and with streaming digital audio. Nerds have ways of dealing with these situations.

  2. I’ll check in but has a chat open for the debate so My old Mac might crash.

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