Gun Nuts Radio Tomorrow: Shooting sports!

Tomorrow night on Gun Nuts Radio at 9pm, we’re going to be talking about some competitive shooting disciplines.  The idea for the show is to provide the newbie shooter with all the information and data they need to “get into” a shooting sport, whether it’s IDPA, NRA Bullseye, or competitive ninja hunting (if it’s not a sport, it should be).  As usual, you’ll be able to reach the show by listening live at and calling the show live at (347) 539-5436 to join the conversation.  Also, Breda will be back this week, covering some of the different shooting sports!

We’re also going to be starting the first of a multi-part series on What we can do in the upcoming election – we’ll be speaking with an NRA EVC from a heavily contested state about things that we as gun owners and sportsmen can do in the last month before the election.  As I’ve said, I do believe that this is the most critical election ever for our right to keep and bear arms – a loss here could reverse  all the momentum we’ve built up with a win in Heller and other arenas.

For information on how to get started in competition shooting as well as political updates on the right to keep and bear arms, tune in tomorrow night to Gun Nuts Radio at 9pm Eastern time.

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