Debate Final Thoughts

I watched the whole thing last night, and I have a couple of thoughts.  On the whole, I actually think Biden out-debated Palin; in the sense that he was smoother and more composed.  The man is a lifetime politician, so it stands to reason that he should be good at bullcrap, which is what debates really are.  That being said, Palin was clearly more likeable both for myself and for the “undecided voters” that CNN had watching the debate.

When you watch the debates in CNN HD, they have a little graphic at the bottom that tracks the opinion of some “undecided” Ohio voters, and as a general rule it was tracking much better for Plain most of the night than it was for Biden.  As I said to my friend this morning, “It seems like Biden may have won the debate per se, but no one likes Biden and everyone likes Palin.”

Now, on the issues that I care about, such as offshore drilling, taxes, and national security, Palin was clear winner, but that’s because I fundamentally disagree with Biden on everything.  If the man said that the sky was blue, I’d say it was green out of spite.  I especially enjoyed two parts of the debate – when Palin sassed the moderator, and when Palin pointed out the Biden didn’t think Barack was ready for the presidency and that Biden would have been “honored” to run with John McCain.

Ultimately, I’d say that both sides accomplished their objective last night.  Biden’s objective was to attack John McCain, and Palin’s objective was to make people believe that she can stand her own; and she accomplished that as well.

I can’t wait until this election is over, one way or another – I just want to know if I’m going to spend the next years fighting tooth-and-nail for the very right to keep and bear arms, of I’m going to be working to expand already recognized rights.

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  1. Did I actually hear Biden say the Dem ticket wants to double foreign aid? Right at the beginning of the answer to “what won’t you be able to do because the economy’s in the crapper.

    I was also glad to hear Joe come out and confirm that the planet’s warming is all caused by man. I had begun to wonder. 🙂

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