Dan Aykroyd has lost his damn mind

He’s marketing some kind of new vodka.  Honestly, I had to watch it twice to make sure there wasn’t some kind of “haha gotcha” moment hidden in there.

But no.  He’s serious.  And you know what really kills me?  When people find something awesome like the crystal skull, or the pyramids, and assume that it’s so awesome that it must have been built by aliens.  It’s downright insulting, if you ask me.  I think humanity is pretty awesome, and just because we don’t know how something was done doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

But yeah, Dan Aykroyd has gone round the bend.


  1. Akroyd lost his mind in the 70s. He runs a network of websites and “research” groups dedicated to the paranormal. He even produces a couple of those “paranormal” tv shows.

  2. Dan Ackroyd: “Now… what to put in a bottle laden with such symbology and iconographic value?”

    Agent Smecker: “…Symbology? Well, now that Duffy has relinquished his ‘King Bonehead’ crown, I see we have an heir to the throne! I’m sure the word you were looking for was ‘symbolism;’ ‘what’s the sssssssssssymbolism there?'”


  3. I’d guess that he is only “crazy” like Whitley Strieber, who built a similar personal empire based on selling shit to looney-tuners. He’s just moving to a higher price point with this product.

    We used to hatch such get-rich schemes in high school, but quickly realized that it takes a dedicated actor to get it right. You’ve gotta be “on” all the time you’re in public. Say, that’s kind of like politics!

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