Liveblogging the VP debate

9:12 – Biden is talking about the economy, and now Palin is responding. So far she’s been doing pretty well.

Oh snap, Palin just sassed the “moderator” of the debate. Awesome!

Palin is saying all the right things about taxes. Biden looks a little old.

Oh god she said “budget neutral” and now I’m all excited.

Biden needs to check his numbers, the average health care plan only costs an employer 12k because of this crazy thing called overhead.

9:25 – putting government on the sidelines gets me pretty excited.

9:27 – I like that Palin keeps hitting the corruption card, that’s her strong point.

9:29 – biden just played the “let banks readjust your mortgage rate”.

Palin just fumbled a sentence a little bit, but she’s hitting the energy card hard again. I like that – she seems to be a good job of staying on her strong topics.

Climate change – yay I hate this topic. We’re fighting a 2 front war, our economy is going through a rough spot, and these monkeys want to talk about car farts.

Sidenote – on there’s a ticker at the bottom showing the reaction of “undecided” male and female voters. So far, men do not like Biden.

Biden is bsing hard about “clean coal”, we all know you didn’t support it.

Keep talking up the surge, it’s awesome. Palin makes a good point about how losing in Iraq would be bad for the global war we’re fighting.

Oh man, I hate it when Obama and Biden pretend they actually give a shit about Afghanistan.

Dammit, Palin said “nukular” – can’t we get a politician who says “nuclear” like it should be pronounced?

Interesting, the audience bar indicates that people don’t care about Iran.

I have to give it to Biden, he is a pretty smooth operator. Career politician skills are showing.

I will say that the moderator has been doing a good since Sarah sassed her after about 20 minutes.

Side note, blogging fast from my crackberry isn’t easy.

Now they’re playing “nuh-uh and yeah-huh” games.

I can’t believe he’s talking about putting troops into Darfur when he doesn’t support staying in Iraq any more.

Just pulled from that Biden has been given 6 times as many opportunities by the moderator as Sarah has.

10:10 – I like the line about “2 mavericks”.

Keep hitting taxes Sarah, keep hitting them!

My wife just pointed out that Biden’s body language indicates that he likes Palin, which wouldn’t surpise me. She’s doing much, much better in this format than she did in the interviews with Katie and what’s-his-ass from ABC.

Constitutional questions are kind of cool, I like the way she handled the loaded question about agreeing with Dick Cheney.

Biden talking about strict interpretation of the Constitution is kind of ironic. Because, you know, he doesn’t believe that parts of it (that pesky 2nd Amendment) mean what they say. I wish Sarah had pointed that out.

Alright, you guys are on your own. I’ll post final thoughts tomorrow.


  1. I don’t appreciate Palin calling me unpatriotic.

    “All of the above” is a good way to spell “smokescreen”.

  2. I didn’t appreciate it when Biden told me that being robbed by my own government was patriotic, so I guess we’re even.

  3. Don’t sweat “nukular” too much. Jimmy Carter pronounced it that way too, and he was in the US Navy’s “nukular power program.”

  4. I already knew who Biden is, and my opinion of Gov. Palin didn’t change. I couldn’t stand to watch a whole lot of this. They both proved they could debate. In the end, this debate might actually have some bearing on the election, which would be a big, big change. It still surprises me that there are undecideds when the differences have been pretty clear for quite some time.

    Biden didn’t look all that good; kinda pasty and pale to go along with his advanced age. Hope that was just the lighting.

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