Gun Nuts Radio: Frangible ammo

Last night’s show on Gun Nuts Radio was one of my favorite shows; although we didn’t have a lot of live callers (zero), the two guests we had were some of the best so far, and definitely most knowledgeable in the ammo fields.  Thanks to Dan from International Cartridge Corporation, and Harold from DRT Ammo from coming on the show and talking about their products.

Like I said last night, I’m extremely interested in the concept of frangible and non-toxic ammo – I mentioned another lead-free round that I’ve used, the Magtech First Defense line of ammo, which utilizes an all copper hollow point instead of a copper-jacketed lead round.  If you would like to download a copy of the .mp3 file of the show, you can do so by visiting this link, or you can listen using the embedded player below.

I really enjoy shows on topics like this; I’m a gun geek after all, so having the opportunity to talk about new products that other hunters and shooters may not be aware of is part of the reason that I started Gun Nuts Radio.

Next week’s show is still up in the air – suffice to say we will have a show next week, however I’m not sure if it’s going to be on Lasers as a training tool, Action Airgun, or competition shooting with a special guest. Hopefully I’ll know soon. I’ll see you all back again next week at 9pm Eastern time!