Tonight on Gun Nuts Radio

Tonight’s show will be talking about frangible ammo, we’ll be featuring interviews with employees of DRT Ammo and and International Cartridge Corporation.

The show will air live at 9pm Eastern time at the url and we’ll be available for call ins and comments at (347) 539-5436.  Again, the show starts at 9pm Eastern time tonight.

Frangible ammo and lead free ammo as a subject is one that I’m actually quite interested in; as states pass and consider banning or prohibitions on lead based ammo, there is a need for an affordable product that is environmentally friendly and that delivers the same kind of performance as traditional ammo.  Early frangible ammo was unreliable, however the current generation of products is reliable, and according to the statements, delivers comparable terminal performance to standard centerfire ammo.

Tune in tonight at 9pm to for our show on frangible ammunition.  Join the discussion live!


  1. Problem is no frangible ammo for .22LR shooters. Would be interesting to hear this addressed.

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