Action Airgun Week 1

I had the opportunity to shoot the first week of the Action Airgun season this past weekend; this was the first change I had to really get the kit out and work with it. If you go to Action Airgun’s website, you can see all the stuff that comes with the kit: a pistol, timer, BBs, CO2 cartridges, targets, target stands, everything you need to compete is in there.

After I shot the three courses of fire, we set up a crappy video camera to get som action footage of the stuff in action; the stages we’re shooting aren’t COFs from the match, but rather just some fun we had with the kit. Please note: there is one shot where the camera is downrange – the guy with the camera was behind safety glass the whole time and do not even think about doing this with a live firearm.

I’m pretty proud of the video from an ironic standpoint, because it’s a great representation of everything that is terrible about a youtube video: poor video quality, hackneyed music, it’s all there. But that being said, you can also get a pretty good idea of how much fun these Action Airgun matches are to shoot.

After shooting the Courses of Fire, I went and uploaded my scores at – I had shot okay, but not great I thought. Imagine my surprise to see that I’m 2nd place overall after the first week of competition. The first place shooter has a lead of only three seconds, so if I run my guns very fast next week, I might be able to make that up.

I was kind of disappointed to see that a lot of people didn’t bother to upload their times. I’m hoping for a bigger turnout for next week’s course of fire, as I’ll be pimping it up here, at Call me Ahab, and on Gun Nuts Radio as well.

This actually was a lot of fun; not only that it’s great practice for IDPA or IPSC style competition. The courses of fire for the first week were challenging, but not so challenging that I was frustrated or didn’t want to play. I’ve got the targets downloaded for the 2nd week’s match already, and I can’t wait to shoot it.