Obama Campaign squashing dissent

Obama’s campaign is trying to suppress advertisements run by NRA which expose his anti-gun record.  What’s crazy is that these ads haven’t even started running yet in the markets they were targeted for – but Obama’s people are so concerned about the gun and hunting vote that they’re actively trying to squash the ads.  Here’s the letter from Obama’s general counsel.

What’s kind of funny is that 1) everything that NRA is claiming in these ads is true, and 2) that Obama’s campaign is relying on Factcheck.org’s statements of his “record” to disprove NRA’s claims.

Nevermind that factcheck.org has been thoroughly discredited as a left wing anti-gun organization, but people should be appalled that Obama is trying to squash the 1st Amendment rights of people with whom he disagrees.  It’s like Sebastian says on his Instalanched post, “this is Chicago politics at its finest folks.  If you can’t win fair, win dirty.”

I know I have some readers who are Obama supporters – I don’t get it, but whatever.  This is what your candidate wants.  To suppress the 1st Amendment rights of people simply because they’re airing information – true, vetted information that doesn’t jive with what your candidate wants people to perceive him as.  Obama’s campaign is so scared of the gun vote that they’re willing to openly try to impede on the freedom of the press and freedom of speech in the name of winning an election.

You stay classy, Barack.

Update: Here’s the advertisement that he’s so intent on not letting you see.

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