Speaking of SHOT as I did in the post immediately beneath this one; I’ve registered online and am all set with the exception of purchasing plane tickets.

Last year’s coverage of SHOT was pretty popular – we had podcasts and pictures and all kinds of stuff.  While the actual event is still several months away, I realized from last year that I need to have a better plan for ’09 than I did for 2008.  With that in mind, I want to ask the readers what kind of coverage you’re interested coming out of SHOT?  Last year we did a lot of revolvers and new products, I get the funny feeling that you guys want more EBRs than I did last year.

So – what do The People want to see?  As I start to compile a plan for coverage, knowing what you want to see and hear will certainly make my job a lot easier.  So here’s a list of things that I’m working on for SHOT ’09, you pick which of the “Gimme more” options you’d like:

  • More EBRs
  • More Interviews/Podcasts
  • More Wheelguns
  • Live Radio from the Show
  • More New Products

The nice thing about being an all online outlet for SHOT is that if you want to know about a new product, you don’t have to wait for months for your favorite gun magazine to write about it – you can see it right here mere hours after I’ve seen it and held it.  And if you guys want that, I’m more than happy to provide.

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