Action Airgun Premier Season

The Premier season of Action Airgun is up at – if you’re not registered you can still get over there and start shooting matches!  I’ll be shooting the first match some time this week; I’m hoping to be able to set things up so we can have a little video of the first three courses of fire, just to give you an idea of the fun that can be had with Action Airgun.

Imagine the bowling pin shoot – reactive targets, under a tough time limit, but indoors with a quality 1911-style airgun, and you’re starting to scratch surface of what makes Action Airgun fun.  Add to that the challenge of hitting a smaller target, and throw in some no-shoots and you have yourself a fun time.

Now if I could only teach my cats what it means when I say “the line is hot”, I’d be all set.

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  1. Well, Caleb, you talked me into it. I’ve got my AA kit, and I’m up and shooting. Now I’ll just sit back and wait for you to spank me in the competition.

    By the way, love the blog. Keep up the good work.

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