Tam says that she needs to tear up her tactical card; because her “answer the door” gun was apparently a 103 year old Colt .32.

Now, while that is decidedly not tactical, it is pretty awesome.  It also made me glad that I’m not the only one who grabs a heater before I answer the door; usually for me it’s whatever gun I happen to have handy, so if the door rings while I’m upstairs one of my high-cap 9mms will end up tucked into my waistband, Martin Riggs style.

The worst is if someone comes to the door while I’m working out; because then the only gun I can reasonbly conceal in a pair gym shorts and a t-shirt is one of my .25 ACP Beretta Jetfires; but then again I carry those so it’s not that big a deal.  Of course, this leads me to my question: when a stranger is at your door, do you guys grab a heater before you answer the door?  If so, what is your “who the hell is at my door” gun?


  1. Assuming I’m wearing pants, I just put on my carry piece, the Glock 29.

    If I’m not wearing clothing that supports a firearm (like my French Maid outfit I wear from time to time), then I have the Mrs. head into the bedroom to man the shotty.

  2. I don’t take my carry gun off until I get undressed at bedtime, so I just answer the door with that. If the doorbell rings after I’m in bed, then I either grab my KelTec or my Mossberg, depending on how late it is.

  3. Most likely the Kahr PM40 which is usually pocket carried. But it could be the S&W 642 or Ruger LCP.

  4. *seconds Breda’s decision*

    No one really knows where I live, and those who do would never stop by for a visit. And UPS/FedEx either leave the box there or at the office.

    Otherwise, probably just my carry piece.

  5. My dog answers the door. I look out the window. If I don’t know you…..I’m not answering. From my window vantage I have options. Glock 21 upstairs or SW MP .45 Downstairs.

  6. Here in Cali, I can’t have a CCW but can carry concealed once I’m on my own property. So as soon as I get home from work I retrieve either my S&W 940 9mm J-frame or our Bersa Thunder .380. Why? Because I can toss ’em in my pants pocket and forget about ’em until the next day, when they have to be locked away again.

  7. I always answer the door with the .357 snub. The house next to use is an ex-dealer’s house (where 2 people were executed in front of their kids). After that it was a very very shady rental.

  8. Yup. if I don’t have one on me, there’s a loaded one close by that I can pick up before I answer the door. The M4 does make it a little awkward to open the door though/

  9. Yes. My CCW is a Hi-Power, and it is my default go-to gun. I always have it very close, if not in a holster attached to me. It always makes the trip to the door if someone comes a-knocking.

    In the case of loud pounding in the night, my Remington 870 defense shotty would accompany me as well.

  10. My front door was kicked in a couple of years ago by burglars. Rather than spend the $ to replace it, I screwed 3 2×4’s into the studs on either side of the door. Now, when some yard mower or religious tract giverawayer knocks, I open my window. Makes it a lot easier to just close the window and ignore the unwanted guest.

    When I had a front door, I would answer it with my 1911 compact in my hand. I didn’t particularly care if they saw it or not.

  11. If I’m up and about there is always an airweight J-frame Smith in my pocket. Hell, it’s in my pocket as I type this! If it was after hours and some fool was knocking on my door I wouldn’t answer the door. Instead I’d grab the 12 gauge and assess the situation. If he leaves, great. If he tries to break in he gets a load or two of OOO buck.

  12. I usually grab my Glock 27 or my S&W 642 J-frame. My Grandmother, one fo the sweetest old ladies I have ever known once answered the door with a shotgun tucked up under her arm after cleaning the front hall closet. That door to door salesman never returned.

  13. My neighborhood has become steadily better over the years, so I no longer keep a weapon handy until bedtime. Late night calls are answered from the upstairs window so I can determine what response it merits.

  14. Usually a 1911, although I did answer the door with a C96 last weekend I was home – it happened to be at hand. When I’m not at home my wife doesn’t answer the door – she opens the nearby window with .38 in hand.

  15. I am +1 on Alex. I have a 638 in my pocket as I write this and an xd on my hip, as I have had contractors knocking on my door during the day as part of the aftermath from Gustav. But the 638 is always there if I am awake.

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