So I guess it’s that time

Once I get my Gun Blog 9mm, I think my next firearms purchase is going to have to be a major centerfire rifle; and it seems that Remington has produced exactly the rifle that I want.

Say hello to the Remington 700-VTR, a 7 1/2 pound bolt action with a 22 inch barrel.  The best part is that it’s available in .204 Ruger, .223 Remington, .22-250, and .308 Winchester.  Now, I’m probably going to get called some kind of heretic, but I like the looks of the gun; the angular barrel and stock design really appeal to my sense of aesthetics.

Plus, if I get one of these, I’ll finally have something that has longer range than my 9mm.


  1. That’s cool. I like how it looks. But get a Lee-Enfield first. They’re beautiful, tough, and can be had for around $100. Everybody needs one.

  2. What, You don’t have a sling shot? Or try the pole-vault with a Mosin-Nagant. A heavy duty tank of a rifle which is no slouch in the accuracy dept.

  3. That is a crazily designed barrel, but me likey. Almost as tacticool as my M1A, and has it beat all to hell in terms of cost ;).

  4. I keep being sorely tempted by a VTR in .223, but the truth is … I’m a Savage convert. I am in love with the Accutrigger and the accuracy of their rifles.

    If I had more space in the gun safe and an extra $700, I’d have a VTR in a heartbeat… but if I had to choose between Savage and Big Green? It’s going to be Savage.

  5. Looks good – but why in heck couldn’t they put an adjustable comb on the thing? Getting tired of having to strap beanbags to the stock so I can get a proper cheekweld and see through the scope at the same time.

  6. Ok, so when I was looking at Rem’s site I miss read it as TVR, Tactical Varmint Rifle. I think I like it better that way….
    Oh and if you are going to go old school get a K-31 only about two bills and probably just as acurate.

  7. Why in THE heck does anybody make a .308 rifle with a 1-in-12 twist barrel? That’s stupid. It’s not enough twist to adequately stabilize 180gr bullets (which are a wee bit longer than 165gr bullets). A 1-in-10 barrel will stabilize any .308 bullet, and will not OVER-stabilize anything that you’d actually shoot in anger (150gr or better). Steyr Mannlicher made the same stupid decision with their otherwise wonderful Scout rifle.

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