Guns and Abortion

Lyle (at Joe’s place) really does an excellent job of comparing the argument for gun rights to argument for abortion rights.

One of the things about this always gets me is that while the right to keep and bear arms is specifically enumerated in the Constitution, the right to abort your unborn child isn’t.  And yet, the left wing spends so much time and engery defending a right that was essentially created by five Supreme Court Justices while at the same time spending an equally insane amount of energy to destroy a right that is right there, plain as day.


  1. Not to mention the “right to privacy” is a judicial construct created out of the “prenumbras and emanations” of the 1st Amendment in Griswold v. Connecticut.

    I’m not saying I necessarily disagree with these judicially constructed rights, but they’re certainly NOT enumerated in the Constitution.

  2. Well, no, it’s not enumerated. The document is a complete list of federal government powers–and some explicit prohibitions for good measure. The rights and powers of the states and the people are nearly unlimited. That’s why it’s odd that the Supremes ruled on it at all. It’s not so much that they created a new right, but that they created a new power. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, as it happened quite a few times during the 20th Century.

    No matter, it still hinges on the homicide aspect. I can understand the Ciderhouse Rules argument, but there are so many abortions for the sake of life-style convenience, that it makes the whole thing rot.

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