Gun Nuts Radio: AHSA Shenanigans

Last night’s show on the American Hunters and Shooters Association’s radio spot was fantastic.  I’m very pleased to have Breda joining me on the show, as her knack for research and investigation really brings out the intellectual side of the show.

If you’d like to listen to the show, you can click the player above, or you can click this link to download the raw .mp3 file of the show.

We did a little bit more than just talk about AHSA’s radio ad though – we covered all the bases, included American Hunters and Shooters roots; roots which run straight back to the predecessor of the Brady Campaign, Handgun Control Institute. If you missed out on last night’s show but are interested in getting the real truth behind American Hunters & Shooters Association, click here to listen to the archive copy of the show.

Pass this on to your pro-gun friends, and especially if you have friends who are primarily hunters and not sport shooters; we need to make sure that people are educated and know that AHSA is a front for anti-gun organizations. Also, if you live in the area targeted by AHSA’s radio ad, make sure that you get the real truth about them out to all your fellow hunters and shooters. The states targeted by this commercial were:

  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Colorado
  • Maryland
  •  New Hampshire

I wasn’t supposed to hear this commercial, since I live in Indiana, so I’m grateful that someone at ESPN radio (where I heard the ad) dropped the ball and played it on their air.  The radio gods were kind to me by giving me this show last night.

Come back for next week’s show, where we’ll kick off our series on frangible/environmentally friendly ammo!


  1. I doubt anyone dropped the ball. You probably heard it because while your state wasn’t targeted, it was probably cheaper to do a national ad buy, or a regional one (to hit OH and PA).

  2. The ads are running here in NC as well, at least in the Raleigh/Durham/RTP area.
    Kinda funny that they would announce themselves as a “gun” group and then totally ignore the gun control message (by claiming that both candidates are all for “allowing” you to own your guns, gee thanks) in favor of…taxes?
    And yes, until the Panthers came along the Redskins were considered the “home” team here.

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