ATK Ammo in Business Week

Business Week magazine takes a look at ATK’s ammo advertisements and their current push to attract a larger portion of the sport shooting and hunting market.

In the civilian market, ATK produces Federal ammo, whose recent lines have included the new .327 Federal Magnum, the Black Cloud shotgun round, and a couple of lines of high quality premium hunting ammo.  While the majority of ATK’s ammo profits are made supplying the US military, the civilian market obviously has a very high potential for growth.

Business Week things that they’re targeting younger shooters with their packaging, which I will agree is quite flashy, I just think that they’re trying to make their box stand out on the shelf.  When I’m looking at a shelf full of ammo, and I’ve got white boxes, green boxes, black boxes, and then there’s a neon orange box; I’m going to at least pick up the neon orange box and have a look.  I would say that Business Week does a pretty fair job of covering ATK’s civilian market push – it’s always heartening to see coverage of shooting sports companies in the mainstream media.


  1. I’d buy it in any color box they want to put on it, if they can supply 5.56 in case quantity for a reasonable price!

    What is the point of marketing to “kids”? They can’t legally buy the ammo, at least in most states. I’m in agreement that its an effort to make the product stand out on the shelf.

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