Scaring White People

Whoops.  So I had my profile picture on Trillian set to one of the images from the Blackwater/ParaUSA Shoot.  Here’s a copy of my IM conversation with my boss:

 [13:23] Boss: change your picture… it looks crazy!
[13:24] n_r_ahab: real sad, that’s a great photo
[13:26] Boss: no it is not…it is violent
[13:26] n_r_ahab: D:
[13:28] n_r_ahab: done
[13:29] n_r_ahab: that photo was part of a PR shoot I did for ParaUSA’s new TTR, though.  Totally legit.
[13:29] Boss: totally crazy

If you’re wondering, I’m putting the picture below.


  1. I’ll never understand that mentality.

    What’s violent about making a metal plate go “ting”, or punching holes in a piece of paper?

    If it was a picture of you cutting vegetables with a butcher knife would it be violent?

    Or at a dart competition throwing sharp pointy projectiles at a target?


    When are you going to start looking for a new job?

    BTW…my boss is an avid shooter and collector and owns NFA firearms. He may not want me to put a picture like that on work related stuff, but it wouldn’t be because he thinks it “looks crazy” or “is violent”.

    And I think he reads my blog occasionally.

  2. I actually like where I work, the people are good and my boss puts up with my shenanigans for the most part, so it’s not a terrible environment.

  3. What a “derogatory word for a wimp“.

    Sorry, I actually like my boss, I’ve got to edit that a little bit. – Ahab

  4. It is a measure of how far removed my mindset is that I was looking at the picture and thought “What’s the problem? … … … Ohhhhhhh! The gun!

  5. I had a clip of me shooting an AK that some guys from work saw.

    Of course, now it’s known as my “Al Qaeda Training Video”.

    Oh, well. The chicks dig it.

  6. Short of the fashion police citing you for the hat, what a great photo!. I’m lucky, none of the fellows I work with blog, or read them, but they are all avid shooters.

  7. Beginning rant now

    Candy ass BS. A picture of a person target shooting isn’t violent. While we are speaking of violent, tell that peckerwood to crack open a history book sometime. This country was founded by, expanded, and subsequently protected by generations of rough men who were well practiced and able to be violent towards our enemies with the accurate use of rifles.

    Rant over.

  8. That pic would have been horribly offensive to me were it not for the fact that the vertical grip is out on the end of the rail where it belongs. 🙂

  9. Actually, since it wasn’t my gun, the vertical foregrip was a little too far out for my tastes. I actually like it a little closer to the magazine.

  10. I *think* I know why Haji likes it out towards the end and it’s not for CMP offhand 10-shots in 10 minutes. When I’m doing that I grab the magwell and push the rifle back into my shoulder – and try to make real still.

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