Future Shows

Alright guys – as you know, Gun Nuts Radio has moved time slots, we’re now at 9pm Eastern Time on Tuesdays.

I want to get some user/listener feedback here on what kind of shows you’d like to hear from us.  Obviously, I’ve got some ideas in the feedpipe, but it seems that the most popular shows we have are (shockingly enough) the ones where we focus on firearms, shooting sports, etc.  We have the upcoming show about frangible ammo,  and then I’m working on landing some interviews with top level competitive shooters, but other than that, I’m open to ideas.

So hit me with your requests, and I’ll see what we can do.


  1. How ’bout hearing from those of us behind the Red Curtain?

    (Why, no, I didn’t have anyone in mind as a caller… If’n you need someone, though…) 😉

  2. Question: “What niche market in the firearms marketplace is not being filled?”

    Gatling guns?

  3. Actually, one of the niche’s that really isn’t being filled that well is dedicated coverage to the shooting sports – sure, Michael Bane and the Outdoor Channel have some match coverage, but I think it would be neat to create almost an ESPN for action shooting.

  4. I’d love to see one dedicated to talking about bringing in new shooters. Breda would be an excellent guest….seems like she does it every week!

  5. Let’s see…

    I’d want to talk to the Olympic shooters first – including a look at what they are shooting.

    I’d also be talking to the U.S. International Muzzle-Loading Team. People who wrangle matchlocks (and just about everything else) in competition are interesting.

  6. There’s such a wealth of topics to discuss, it’s probably more productive to worry about how you’re going to present them than which to cover. I trust you won’t waste time on anything boring, so I feel no need to make suggestions about content.

    It must be hard enough to decide what to cover in so little time. (hint hint) It’s a shame all the stuff that you’ll have to skip to fit it all inside on show. (hint hint)

    I’m complaining about a free show with no commercial interruptions. That’s strange.

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