Sounds Familiar

Obama on your guns:

“Even if I want to take them away, I don’t have the votes in Congress,”

Implying that if he had the votes in Congress, he’d be more than happy to take them away, ala Dianne Feinstein.  Thank to NRA-ILA for the heads up on this one.

That is a terrifying statement from someone who could be the next president -sounds like he’s just waiting on the votes to come in so he can go ahead and take your guns.


  1. That statement, all by itself, sealed the vote of many a person.
    Sadly, these are probably voters who would never have voted for
    BHO in any case.

  2. Ouch. Freudian slip?

    Just as a point of rhetoric, he should’ve said “Even if a president wanted to, he would not have the votes in Congress”.

    Must’ve been off the cuff–His handlers need to coach him better 😉
    It’s that Chicago verbal knee jerk acting up again. Maybe there’s some medication for that now, who knows. Biden seems to suffer from the same malady, such a pity.

    Just for contrast, the only thing about Guns in the Green Party platform is “supporting the Gun Control Act of 1968”. That’s all. The Democrats are more extreme than even the Green Party on this issue.

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