Sad Panda Alert!

Paul Helmke has been spotted on HuffPo lying about stuff again!  Awww, we missed you, Paul.  His post is “5 questions for Sarah Palin”, which is the usual gun control stuff.  I’m in a good mood, so “feel the rythm, feel the ryhme, get on up, it’s fisking time!” (oh man, that was a ‘Cool Runnings’ reference, I’m so awesome – ed).

In view of your being “a lifetime member of the NRA,” what is your reaction to the disclosure that the NRA has been paying a woman to spy on gun violence prevention groups and the victims they represent for over 10 years?

Except that she wasn’t being paid by NRA, so you know, you’re not getting off to a good start on that one.  Next please.

Most Americans, including President Bush, support banning military-style semiautomatic assault weapons. What is your position?

Paul, I’m confused.  Didn’t you send an email to your three supporters back in ’04 telling them about how President Bush was blocking the AWB from being renewed?  So…which is it exactly?  Does he support it or does he oppose it?  Man, you guys are confusing me with all the double talk.

Do you agree with Senator McCain that the “gun-show loophole”(allowing individuals to buy guns at a gun show with no background check from so-called “private sellers”) should be closed?

That would be the same position that McCain has since retreated from, right?  That position?

What did you mean when you described “attacks on our Second Amendment rights” as equivalent to gangs and drug use as something that would “harm family life.” [Eagle Forum Alaska questionnaire, 7-30-06.] Does this include efforts by groups like the Brady Campaign to make it harder for dangerous people to get dangerous weapons?

Well, seeing as your definition of “dangerous weapons” is “guns” and your definition of “dangerous people” is “people with guns”, I’d reckon that she does agree.  And seeing as in the past, members of the Brady Campaign and other anti-gun groups have resorted to threatening to shoot pro-gun activists, or calling us “whackos”, I’d say she’s pretty spot on in comparing your tactics to gang activities.

Do you agree with Senator McCain (as he stated on the floor of the Senate on January 21, 2004) that background check approval records for gun purchases should be kept for 90 days instead of 24 hours, that ATF should be able to require gun stores to conduct inventory audits, and that crime gun trace information should be more widely available to law enforcement and the public? [See Senator McCain’s statement on the Senate floor, 1-22-04.]

Reaching pretty hard with that one, aren’t you?  Especially since McCain now supports Tiahrt, and making sure that the NICS data isn’t abused by the authorities.

You know, it’s times like this I almost feel bad for Paul Helmke.  I mean, they’re getting trounced on every front, and sure they must feel good about Obama promising a new assault weapons ban, but it must be frustrating when you’re desparately clinging to any shred of relevancy you can get your grubby little mitts on.


  1. I’m surprise he doesn’t want to ask her if she is “still” screwing around on her husband. There are no depths to to which they will not sink to try and discredit her. I hear Dem heads exploding all over the US.
    USA first , last , always. McCain/Palin’08 u betcha

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