Gun Nuts Radio Tomorrow: Appleseed Special

Tomorrow night on Gun Nuts Radio, we’re going to be talking about the Appleseed Rifle project with my friend Breda. As you might know, there was a bit of controversy recently following her report on the Appleseed shoot she had the opportunity to attend – a few bloggers came down on Appleseed, citing some negative reports they had heard of the program, which of course ignited a small flame war regarding the project.

Tuesday night at 11pm Eastern time, you’ll have your chance to weigh in on the topic, as well as get answers straight from the mouth of an actual attendee of Appleseed. You can reach the show by joining the chat at, or by calling the live call in line at (347) 539-5436. The lines will be open the entire duration of the show, so if you have a question about Appleseed, or are affiliated with the program or have attended and would like to call in, your opinion is welcome.

Again, that’s Tuesday night at 11pm Eastern time, live on the air at! It is where all the cool kids will be.

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