Oh god yes please.

Thursday night’s arrival of a private jet from Alaska at the Middleton, Ohio, airport raised speculation that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin would be McCain’s pick. Middleton is 25 miles from Dayton.

Sarah Palin would do a lot of things for John McCain’s campaign; things like bringing a sense of youth to the campaign, attracting women voters to the campaign, and most importantly, she would absolutely thrash Joe Biden in the VP debate, which would make me super happy.

I know it’s just a rumor, but a boy can hope, can’t he?

Update: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Taken from’s homepage:

Sen. John McCain picks Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate on GOP ticket for White House, CNN learns.


  1. So regardless who wins, we’ll have a history-making ticket either way.
    That’s pretty cool.

    My Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson gave a statement yesterday that she had NOT been asked to be the VP, as an FYI (and to get her name in the local headlines, I guess). I like this VP pick a whole lot better than a Romney or Huckabee or any of the others.

    Must hand it to GOP, this was a smart move.

  2. Back in February after Romney dropped out I said that I would like Palin since she is fresh and new and would learn a lot as VP. Plus I see McCain as place keeper president. Nothing flashy. I also think if the country has been disappointed in Bush they will be more so with McCain. But he has kept his promise of reform of reducing earmarks and plans to reduce the budget and he just got the right person to do so. Palin has a record of cleaning out of cronies and corruption that the GOP fell prey to from 2002 to 2006 with excessive spending.

    She is such a stong supporter of 2 A that she is great right there.

    If McCain disappoints, I do not think she will be tainted as Romney or Pawlenty would have been and damaged their future as good candidates.

    Plus after 4 years of on the job training she will probably be good enough to run on her own. Can you see Palin vs Hillary?

    The VP is a on the job training job and she neeeds the right character and instincts . Plus she is so Real! She should appeal to all those people who know she is like them but just a natural leader to get so far so quick.

    Anyway you got your hope

  3. GOP to Dems: weer in ur base, stealin’ ur voats haff ur base belong to uss

    Hills’ Soccermoms seem to have more in common with a Hockeymom from Alaska than a radical Lefty from Southside Chicago……

    ….. As for me, the Word of the Week : Giddy!

    I have gone from : “McCain ’08. Because I Love My Country More Than I Hate John McCain.”

    To this:

    “McCain/Palin ’08. Because John McCain is so old he has one foot over the grave and the other on a bananna peel.”

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