Calling Indianapolis FFLs

My Para LTC 9mm has been delivered to the customer service center in Tennessee, now all I need to do is find an Indianapolis area FFL holder who will do the transfer for me.

Actually, that’s not a bad idea – if you’re an Indianapolis area FFL and would like to help me with the transfer of my Para LTC, please contact me at admiralahab (at) gmail (dot) com – I will of course pay your standard transfer fee and whatever applicable state taxes and such go on the gun.  I know I’ve got one or two readers that work for a gun shop, so please drop me a line.

Thanks!  Again, my email is [email protected]


  1. shouldn’t be any state taxes, the seller is out of state and it is against federal law to charge taxes on a FFL transfer fee isnt it?

  2. It is against the law for the federal government to charge a duty on any item exported from any state. The item has value–whether money changed hands or not–so it is therefore subject to tax if there is a state sales and use tax. If it was won as a prize, its value also counts as “income” according to the IRS. (Someone should be filing a 1099.)

    Indiana has a sales AND USE tax, just like where I live:

    I don’t see anything mentioning firearms in the exceptions list:

    So, yes, he is obligated to pay 7 percent on the value of the weapon, if the seller does not collect it and pay it to the DOR.

  3. Beaech Grove Guns, Plainfield Shooting (ask for Bob) and Pop Guns in Indy will all do transfers for nominal fees. I’ve done several at Pop Guns.

  4. Chris – It is up to each state if they charge tax on a service like a FFL transfer fee.

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