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In light of all the recent controversy over Appleseed shoots, and because my good friend The Breda recently attended one, we’re going to be featuring her and her opinion of Appleseed on the show, this coming Tuesday at 11pm Eastern time.

I am skeptical of Appleseed, but it’s primarily because I don’t get why they’re teaching the sling, and secondly because I sort of get a mixed message about what they’re all about.  I’m more than willing to withhold judgment until I can attend one later on, and also until I’ve personally grilled Breda about it on the air on Tuesday.

The show can be streamed live at and you can also listen to any of our archived shows at that link as well.

Tune in next Tuesday at 11pm Eastern – where all your Appleseed questions should be answered.


  1. They teach the sling because it works. It does what a bipod does but in positions such as sitting and standing where a bipod cannot be used. I understand you have a big match coming up and all your trigger time needs to be devoted to that, but afterward do some rapid fire off hand with a rifle, with and without the sling. It’s not the greatest on an AR platform, but on everything else I’ve used it on, it makes for a real improvement in terms of group size.

    Before reloading dies, before a scope, before anything else, a new rifle of mine gets a sling. Some are three-point, sometimes a Ching, even on my muzzleloaders. You don’t need an M1907, which always seemed to me to be overly complicated for what it does. And it works for a Mauser with the side mounted sling swivels as well as our more ‘normal’ bottom mounted ones.

  2. That’s why you get a forward pistol grip that is also a bipod; you can use that in standing or sitting, and then use it as a bipod when you go prone.

    I will do some rifle work once I get past the state match (and the Winter Nationals if I qualify).

  3. Will you be accepting calls on Tuesday’s show about Appleseed?

    I’ve got a couple thoughts I would like to see added to the discussion that I haven’t really seen anyone discuss.


  4. The forward pistol-grip thing is for AR/AK platform rifles, which not everyone is running. OK, I’m starting to get a better understanding of your objection to the whole sling thing. Still don’t necessarily agree, though. I guess, in the final analysis, it’s what works best for you that should be paramount.

    Good luck on your match!

  5. I will be accepting calls for the Appleseed show – and yeah, I guess I sort of didn’t think about people not running AR/AK rifles.

  6. Ok, I’ll plan to call in. Two quick questions then:

    Where can I find the phone number to call? I’m sure it’s somewhere, but I haven’t found ityet.

    And, what time would you want me to call? Just pick a time. I’m in EST, btw, and I believe you are as well?


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