This guy was a badass

This is Mark, the cameraman for Shooting Gallery/ who was with us all weekend.

He followed us around all weekend, in an out of IPSC stages, the shoot house, you name it he was there snagging footage.  I have to give mad props to anyone who is willing to run behind me through a shoot house while I’m doing my damndest to shoot everything as fast as humanly possible.


  1. Looks like he was having as much fun as you guys were!

    Does “no targets on walls or doors” = “all targets must be on target stands”?
    Or does it mean something else?

  2. Yes, they had nice target stands that included traps. The walls are AR500 plate covered with plywood. They just didn’t want to have to replace the wood very often.

    The doors were regular hollow wood doors. I understand that if you purchased the “door package” with your training, you could use various breaching techniques in the shoot house.

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