Gun School x2

I should mention that there is a pretty short list of people that I’d want to spend 12 or so hours with in a small Nazi rollerskate going through the middle of goddamn nowhere in West Virginia and Kentucky on my way back Indianastan.

Tam is one of those people.  After spending three days learning how to shoot guns from Todd Jarrett, I spend 12 hours driving back to Indiana with Tam, who spent a good 8 hours of that time explaining the finer points of the 1911 weapons system to me.  If there was such a thing as a master level course in “1911”, I would have a pretty bitchin’ degree right now, from “lab time” to “classroom time” with Tam.

Thanks for letting me ride back with you, and talking to me to keep me from slamming your “Nazi rollerskate” into a bridge embankment at 85mph.

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  1. Don’t Dis My Hood G.

    sarc/I’m just glad I get to use that line again.

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