ParaUSA Day 2

It is almost impossible to write a summary post of today, as it was the big big big shooting day.  We started shooting IPSC targets, and by the end of the day were shooting steel on the move, reloading behind barricades and zapping 8×8 moving targets while we were moving in an opposite direction of the target.

The level of instruction that Todd Jarrett is providing is absolutely fantastic – I know that I’m already a better shooter if I can internalize at least 50% of what I’ve learned from shooting with Todd.

For me, the most valuable piece of instruction has been all the drawing from the holster – my draw used to be slow, and while it’s not that fast it’s a lot smoother, which is aided and abetted by the excellent Blackhawk Serpa holster.  Speaking of the Blackhawk stuff, their rigger belt (in addition to being a pretty good belt) makes a decent improvised magazine holder as well.

To echo what Say Uncle said, I’ve learned more in the last two days than I had learned in the past eight years of shooting.  For example, by applying the trigger discipline and other sundry lessons, by the end of the day I was knocking down a plate rack at about 35-40 yards with the 9mm.  That was pretty awesome.

Sorry we weren’t able to do a live show, however the upcoming show on Tuesday night will contain a full wrap-up of the weekend, and will be extended out to an hour instead of the usual 45 minute show.

The last piece of business is that the bet between Joe Huffman and me has changed, instead of shooting an El Presidente bet, we’re going to use our score on the shoot house we run with the Crimson Trace laser grips tomorrow.  So that will be our final determiner on the winner of the bet.

Tomorrow, we run the shoot house – our guns are all equipped with a Crimson Trace lasergrip, so all the shooting tomorrow is going to be indoors.

Come Tuesday on the blog, I’ll have a review of the pistol I shot and the gear I used, however in the mean time you can check out the 2aBlogBash page for a great aggregator of the event.