1. I have been thru that sniffer at the Indy airport twice without result. Flying from Indy to DC. And the first time I had been to Pop Guns the afternoon before, shooting up a storm. Nada.

    At least it blows off all the cat hair!

    The last time, in June, the TSA agent at the sniffer knew that I had checked two handguns and so he asked me if I had been to the range recently. I said, “No.” He said he just wanted to advise me of the possibility of false positives from the sniffer.

    You don’t reload, do you?


    LMAO do you perchance reload or handle reloading components , ect before flying . Its likely some kind of nitrate setting it off ( lawn fertilizer might too )

  3. Damn! Well maybe plan B, C, or D will work.

    I’m on my plane now and they did’t have problem with MY explosives tainted bags.

  4. No, it is not just you, I have shrapnel in my leg from Sarajevo and it sets the magnetometers off every time. Thus selecting me for secondary screening every time and by the dumbest moron they can find to do it. This is why I drive to Michigan from Georgia, it takes less time this way.

  5. Now that’s funny. I flew back from Boomershoot 2005 with an unexploded target — empty of explosive, but there was residue all over the thing. Pointed it out to the TSA guy, even. He ran the sniffer over it and it came up with nothing.

  6. I once had an issue with a TSA guy about his attitude. He was strutting up and down the concourse bellowing out directions and seemed to think he was running the airport. When he pointed out that I should arrive at least 90 minutes before flight time, I replied, “yeah, whatever”. I was 45 minutes early and our airport is so small they don’t open the secure area with the metal detector until about 10-15 minutes before they start boarding, so I had plenty of time.

    Checked in, no sweat. A few minutes go by and they open up the screening area. I get in line, clear the metal detector when I’m told I have to go back to the check-in counter because my bag had set off the detector. I asked, can I leave my stuff, they replied, no you have to take it with you and go back through security. Deep sigh, fine, pack up and go.

    At the sniffer, they say your bag set off the sensor, where do you work? I reply with the three letter acronym of the facility I work at (i’m a civilian contractor in the environmental office for the army), these guys are so new to the area they ask, “what’s that?” I reply it’s then they ask, “what do they do there?” and I reply, swear to god, “blow stuff up”.

    They let me go, I boarded my flight, and I giggled about that the rest of the day. True story.

  7. Yep, I set that thing off often. The most common airports for me getting pulled aside are Boston (Logan) and Houston Hobby. Other airports, not as much. It took me a few times being hassled before I figured out that it was cross contamination from throwing my range bag into the clost on top of the computer bag that I use to fly. On the other hand, I know a guy who went through the metal detectors in Boston with empty magazines in his pocket and never set it off. Same guy got hassled by the TSA for a metal badge on his shirt that matched the Mass State Police patch on the shoulder. Definitely not the brightest bulbs on the tree.

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