ParaUSA Show on Gun Nuts: TNG

We had a great show last night on Gun Nuts: The Next Generation. Joe and Robb were both excellent guests, and we had a lot of fun both talking about the upcoming shoot at Blackwater’s facility courtesy of ParaUSA. We’ve got the embedded player widget working now, so you can listen by clicking on the link below – the audio is a little quiet, so you may need to increase your speaker volume a bit.

But the real question, after you listen to the show, is what should the stakes of the bet between myself and Joe be? It’s a little hard to figure out, since he’s not a drinking man like I am – right now we’re going with “pride” as the stakes, which if that’s the case I’m probably going to get my significant supply of pride depleted somewhat. Even if I lose, I’m actually looking forward to shooting with Joe – he’s got a lot of experience shooting USPSA, and I could stand to learn a lot just from him, not to mention the actual training I’ll be getting from Todd.


  1. I should think the answer’s obvious. The winner gets to take over the loser’s blog for a day — and the loser is honor bound to permanently keep whatever the winner does.

  2. Factory 180 grain FMJ’s?

    A case is pretty high stakes these days. Wouldn’t a box or two of 50 be more appropriate?

    Of course a steak dinner on Sunday night would suit me fine too–assuming you aren’t leaving until Monday morning.

  3. Factory 180’s would work – we could agree to do one of those “bulk packs”, like the bulk Remington stuff at Gander Mountain which has 250 rounds.

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