I feel a little weird

I didn’t shoot at all this weekend, marking the first weekend I’ve taken off from shooting since I found out I’d be going to the ParaUSA summer camp.  Honestly, I was sitting at my desk this morning thinking about “what to blog” and was looking around for match photos when I realized I hadn’t shot at all, which is why I didn’t have any match photos.

Luckily, Tracy did shoot some IDPA this weekend, so if you’re hankering for a little fix of IDPA, you can check out her blog.

As a part of that, I’ve sort of remembered just how addicting this “competitive shooting” stuff is; I was itching to pick up a gun this weekend, even though I really enjoyed not having to haul myself out of bed at the asscrack on dawn on a Saturday, I kind of sat around the house going “ho-hum, wish I was shooting instead of watching equestrian olympics”.

Plus, I’m already thinking about what guns I’m going to buy if I don’t end up liking the Para enough to buy it – I really want another DA/SA 9mm for USPSA Production/IDPA SSP division, plus I want to get a non-ported barrel for my .40 S&W Glock so I can shoot that in Limited instead of Open.