ParaUSA Summer Camp Show

Tomorrow night on Gun Nuts: The Next Generation we are going to be having our first of at least two and possibly three all Blackwater/ParaUSA shows.

First up, tomorrow night at 11pm we’ve got Robb Allen and Joe Huffman making live call-in appearances to talk about what they’re expecting w/regards to the training. Robb is mostly a Glock guy, so I’m looking forward to seeing him bring the gun up, get his sight picture, squeeze the trigger and have nothing happen because he forgot to take the safety off. Joe is a long time competitive shooter, and is my sworn enemy (I’m kidding) as he and I will hopefully be shooting an El Presidente at the end of the course to determine who wins our bet, the states of which have not yet been settled.

If you’d like to call in and reach us, the listener call in number is (347) 539-5436 – or you can join the conversation in the online chat at One of our topics of conversation is going to be the stakes of the bet – I think it would be hilarious if you, our listeners would suggest the stakes for my bet with Joe Huffman.

Remember, it’s 11pm Eastern time, at – it is where all the cool kids will be.

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  1. You should make some sort of neat advert for the show.

    I sit on and listen at work. It would be nice to like pull in some other bloggers and such if I could put an advert for your show somewhere on my page.

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