Gun Nuts: TNG – Action Airguns

Click the link to listen to yesterday’s show – we covered Action Airgun with an interview with Collins White, the president of the newest shooting sport to hit the ground, as well as some coverage and commentary on the Olympics.


I really should add that if you’re not in the online chat session found at you’re missing out – a lot of great show (and otherwise) related conversation is happing in there, in real time.  Bonnie and I take a lot of cues from those people, and it’s one of the easist ways to get in touch with us during the show.

Back to the topic of Action Airgun; the opportunity to talk to Collins about the development and future of the sport was a lot of fun for me – I personally think that this sport could really take off, all it needs is the right sponsor or big name to tie itself to, and off you go.  At the very least, I’ll be there for the innagural season come hell or highwater.

Again, you can check out show for the evening at the Gun Nuts: The Next Generation – Action Airguns link or by visiting the Gun Nuts blog and clicking the player in the upper right hand.

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