Best stage design ever

I’m a big fan of innovative and creative stage design for action shooting, so when I was cruising the Down Range Blog this morning, you’ve got to understand the jaw-drop I had when I saw this CAS stage from the Washington State SASS championship.

The shooter starts shooting 2 pistols, then he have to turn the boat, pick up the rifle and shoot through the paddle wheel. He finishes the stage by getting off the boat, runs to a horse nearby, mounts it and finishes with the shotgun.

You have to click the link and watch the video to really grok the stage though – the shooter literally has to turn a boat, that’s not a figure of speech in this case.   Stages like this really make me want to get back into cowboy shooting – because I really need to be shooting another match every month.


  1. That is just straight-up cool, and all manner of imaginative.

    Thankfully, I think my hardware precludes me from entering most/any action shooting sports, and since my financial advisor (i.e. wife) is not going to be authorizing any other purchases any time soon, I should save the money on both counts ;).

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