Final Show Thoughts

Now that’s it no longer 10 minutes after midnight, I wanted to put my final thoughts on last night’s show down on the record so to speak.  To listen to the show, visit the link for our Extreme Gun Activism show – or go to The Gun Nuts Blog and click on the embedded player to listen to the show.

My first and overarching thought on the show itself was that it was waaaaay too short.  We had 45 minutes to cover topic that has had literally thousands of words dedicated to it; and I think that within our time constraints we did a good job.  As I mentioned, we’re planning on running a follow-up show some time after I get back from Blackwater, and we’ll probably do a longer show format just for that episode.

A couple of points that I also wanted to address – I agree with Sebastian that we all do have a line in the sand.  Even to me, the government can in fact reach a point where they have crossed my final line, and at that point I say “No more”.  After last night’s discussion, I believe that fundamental divide is where that line is located; because for me it’s certainly not located in the same place as it for others.  The belief that our system of government is not yet broken beyond repair, the gains I see us making within the system for the right to keep and bear arms have served to give me hope that we can might be able to salvage this mess.

Which leads us to the other divisive issue about “salvaging this mess”; which is namely how should we go about it?  I think that Kurt and Sebastian both brought up excellent points that despite our methods, ultimately we’re on the same side – some may advocate for a more in your face approach, and some more prefer a more gentle approach.  Ultimately, if it wins over the people in the middle that we desperately need on our side if we want to win, I’m in favor of whichever approach works.

You see, no matter what gets said on the debate, and no matter how many people register guerrillamail email address so they can call me a traitor to the 2nd Amdment (sic), my ultimate bottom line is that I want to win this thing.  Not just the 2nd Amendment, but the whole Bill of Rights, a culture of individual liberty.  We live in a country that is very complacent and to win our fight, we need to make Suzy and Joe and Bob next door realize that attacks on any part of the Bill of Rights are attacks on literally all of us.  If we can do that, if we can get the casual gun owner who owns a semi-auto shotgun for ducks to wake up and say “holy shit, they want to ban my what?” then we’re going to win.


  1. I have a feeling that Mike V.’s concept of “rights violation” is completely different from mine. His view of the Battles of Lexington and Concord seems to be rather… er… non-contextual.

  2. Thanks, Caleb, to you an Bonnie for a well reasoned debate on this issue. And I don’t think you are a traitor to the 2nd amendment. 🙂

  3. Caleb,

    This was very well done. I was still hoping for a duel, but your show was probably better. 🙂
    I know this is all pretty casual, but doing sound checks before putting someone on the air should be done in the future.

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