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In case you missed last night’s show on Extreme Gun Activism, you can listen to the entire show here at the link above.  Thanks to Kurt and Sebastian for coming on the show, your contributions were very much appreciated.  It was a very lively show, we had a couple of callers with good questions, all in all a pretty good show.

One of the best questions was how exactly we define “extremism”, because my beliefs on the right to keep and bear arms are probably seen as extreme in plenty of quarters.

Again, click here to listen to the podcast of our Extreme Gun Activism show, or click below to download the .mp3 file.


It’s hard to sum up all the salient points made in the show, I think both Kurt and Sebastian had excellent points.


  1. Sebastian mentioned that we are winning the battle politically and pointed to a lot of Chicagoland gun bans coming down.

    I disagree.

    I think a lot of these places are taking things off the books until they see how the “Chicago Challenge” shakes out.

    Also, just looking at the Morton Grove City Council, it shows that most of ’em aren’t getting the memo that you should be able to at least keep a gun in your home…

    Something about the registration of an individual, inalienable right strikes me as cautious. (to say the least)

  2. The podcast was very good tonight. You and Bonnie make very good hosts, and your guests, Sebastian and Kurt, represented their positions very ably.

    I think the topic was very much needed and the discussion that ensued was helpful, if for no other reason than to show that reasonable people can disagree on the point at which deadly force against the government is needful.

    In short, Mike Vanderboegh is a reasonable man and so is Kurt. Their contention that we are now, presently, facing circumstances where deadly force is necessary does not make them extremist kooks.

    We all as gun rights activists have our line in the sand. I think we need to respect each other no matter where we each draw that line.

    The Liberty Sphere

  3. Less,

    That’s a good point, and I suspect you’re right. Nonetheless, these towns repealed their gun ban because they couldn’t afford a costly legal battle they were likely to lose. The case for incorporation of the Second Amendment is very strong, and these towns know that.

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