Tonight’s Show – full disclosure

It has been suggested that tonight’s show is a set-up, i.e. that Sebastian and I are going to gang up on Kurt.  I have maintained that I fully intend to stay neutral on tonight’s show, despite any accusations to the contrary.  In the interest of full disclosure, here’s the email I sent to both Kurt and Sebastian inviting them to be on tonight’s show:

Subj: The Mike V. Thing


After the whole bruhaha surrounded the Mikey V. post on Sebastian’s blog, I wanted to invite both you guys to come on Gun Nuts: The Next Generation and talk about both sides of the issue.  Kurt, I’m emailing you because you were able to conduct yourself with courtesy during the entire debate, despite the fact that you and Sebastian came down on opposite sides.

The way this will work is you guys will both be on the air at the same time, and we’ll conduct it more like an two-sided interview and not a debate.  Squeaks and I will serve as moderators, and despite any personal feelings we may have about the debate, those will be set aside for the duration of the show.  The show is live at 11pm Eastern time on Tuesdays, we were looking to schedule this show for Tuesday, August 5th.  Let me know if you’re interesting in doing this.



Additionally, at this link, Sebastian has published the Instant Messenger transcript which was the genesis for the show – we had been planning a show on extreme gun activism for a while, and it just sort of came together after that Uberthread at Sebastian’s.

Of course, I can only say so much in defense of my credibility.  I invite anyone who doesn’t believe me, or thinks I’m up to tricks to listen in to tonight’s show.  It’s going to be a lively discussion anyway, and everyone is welcome to participate in the chat session and call in once the initial questions are finished with.

The URL for the show is and the call number is (347)-539-5436.


  1. Did you change IM usernames or something? I almost never seen you on anymore.

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