Illegal gun seizures in New Orleans

I’m with Uncle, I’d like to see Ray Nagin locked up right next to Fenty and Daley.

Guns being seized in New Orleans during traffic stops now by cops flagrantly violating the law.

This is one of the negative aspects of modern police work, the “culture creep” or “new corporate mindset”.  This is where the anti-gun/individual liberty attitudes of the administration seep down to the street level officers, whether by accident or intention.  The officer wants to keep his job, so he plays along with the “corporate culture” until he or she doesn’t even think about it any longer.

It’s a sad thing, but it does happen.  Now, while most cops in most cities are still good guys, you see this kind of corporate culture creep more and more in places like New Orleans, or Washington, DC. and Chicago where the city departments are run by hardline anti-gun mayors like the aforementioned guys.

What’s the solution to this?  Get rid of the bums.  You change the administration, you change who’s running the PD, you can change the culture in the PD.  Then once you do that, you can with your local department to ensure that they’re educated on firearms laws; get involved with the city council to make sure that they’re not enacting policies which violate the right to keep and bear arms.  In short, don’t just bitch about it, do something about it.

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  1. I’m sure the outcome would be the same if I took an officer’s duty weapon and demanded to see a receipt before I would give it back.

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