Gun Nuts: The Next Generation – Guns and Church

Oh podcast my podcast – yesterday’s show covered carrying in church, some of the moral issues and the divide between people who accept church carry a logical and reasonable thing, and the people who think it’s a bad thing.

You can listen to the full audio here at Gun Nuts: The Next Generation, or download the .mp3 file at this link or by clicking below.


This was a pretty good show, despite the technical difficulties we experienced.  Our user feedback was great, despite not being able to take calls for half the show – the chat session is where a lot of the action is and it was popping tonight.

If you missed out, you can listen to the whole show here!

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  1. I took the concealed carry training here in Texas about a month ago. Still waiting to receive my permit. My instructor was “one of those guys” who carries over 36 rounds and at least three weapons at any given time, rotates his magazines every three months to preserve the spring life, etc. I think you get the picture.

    He pointed out to us that currently (8-2008) there is ambiguity in the Texas gun law about carrying in churches. There are two statutes in different places that contradict each other and that, for the time being, you have “an arguable case.”

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