I have an assault shotgun?

According to the Brady Campaign, my Frankenshotgun is an assault shotgun because it can “fire up to three shells at a time”Update: The Brady Campaign updated their website so that it doesn’t say “at-a-time” any longer, now it says “three shells without reloading”. It’s too bad that they’re lying and portraying a gun with a 3 shot magazine as some kind of super deadly assault deathray.  Hoo-boy, three rounds without a reload…now that’s scary – I mean, they could fire half as many shots as revolver!  OHJNOES.

That’s seriously what they’re saying about the guy who shot up the church in Knoxville, that his Remington Model 48 which has a 3-round magazine could fire up to “three shells at a time.” Like one of the commentors at Sebastian’s said, it’s a “stupid lie”.

Look guys, I understand that it’s pretty hard to scare people when you’re getting your ass kicked all over the map on the gun control front, but running a picture of a bird gun with an empty birdshot shell next to it and trying to explain how it’s extra supers deadly is not only lame, it’s borderline sad.

Real sad, actually. I especially enjoy their Youtube selection to illustrate how scaaaaaawwwwy the 3-shot shotgun is – they must be scouring the internets for guys who aren’t too photogenic to post on their website.

So let us do a comprehensive review of the Brady Campaign’s tactics on this one:

  1. Lie
  2. Misrepresent things as something that they’re not
  3. Lie some more
  4. Post a video of some big country boys with their guns to reinforce negative stereotypes
  5. Lie some more
  6. Watch the donations roll in!

I like that we can always count on the Brady Campaign to keep the level of debate classy and above reproach…wait, that’s not the Brady Campaign that does that, it’s gun bloggers.


  1. http://tinyurl.com/6bhz6x

    Good thing it wasn’t my non-assault shotgun. 9 in the tube, 1 in the chamber, 6 on the shell-carrier, and a barrel shroud and a bayonet lug (With M7 Bayo fixed in picture) but the Mossy 590 is pum-action, so it isn’t “Evil”

    And now every duck-hunter, and probably a bunch of skeet and clays shooters are going “My gun’s an ‘Assault Shotgun???”

    I love it when they loose!

  2. ooh, i see where they’re heading with this. all long guns should be break-action guns, because we all know those are single-shots or at most double-barrel ones.

    at least up until i get somebody to build me a 20ga / 12ga / 10ga drilling shotgun, they are. take THAT, sarah brady!

  3. Wow, 3 rounds! Is that why we have to plug our shotguns for 3 rounds when hunting migratory birds? Cause you know, that extra shot more than a double-barrel can make all the difference….

  4. Just when you think the Brady folks can’t prove themselves to be either bigger liars or even more dumb, they open their mouth to speak again.

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