Pins tomorrow!

I’m so excited for tomorrow’s pin shoot – my buddy Greg won’t be able to make it, apparently his newborn second child is more important than shooting up a bunch of bowling pins.  I keep telling him to get his priorities fixed, but apparently “family” is more important than “awesome trigger time”.

All kidding aside, for more information on the match check out this link to Marion County Fish & Game – set up starts around 8am, and shooting begins usually around 8:30 or 9am.  I’ll be there for sure, shooting my Glock 24 in .40 S&W.  I’ll also be taking some video, so show up and you might end up being internets famous.

Since the .40 may not have enough juice to blow those pins off the table, I will practice my new strategy of “shoot a lot of bullets faster than the other guy”.


  1. I’ll be there. I also can’t wait. I missed the last two matches due to vacations and being out of town.

    If all goes well tonight, I may have a new toy to try 🙂

    I will also try to have a talk with Greg about his priorities next time I see him at work.

  2. I would recommend the alternate strategy of “slow down and center the hits you make.” A .40 will do, with good hits. So make good hits. You cannot miss fast enough to make up for not hitting the target. You would be amazed how much faster it is to make 5 slow hits than to make 9 mediocre hits (out of a 15 rd. magazine), then have to reload, then make 4 more marginal hits to clean up the mess. Besides, pins are most likely to go off cleanly if you can hit them standing. When they fall, they MAY be easier to hit and roll off, or they may fall almost into defilade and become bunker targets. Had one match where the tables were gouged up and a fallen pin would commonly fall into the hole and become the ball to the table’s detent.

  3. I was kidding about the “shoot more bullets”. I think a .40 will do just fine, I just need to do like you said and make my hits count.

  4. The video of you clearing that table and a few stills that were shot while I was there have been sent to your email address. 🙂

    Big fun . .

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