Pins pins pins!

Bowling pin shoot at Marion County Fish & Game this weekend!

July 26th around 8:30, we’ll be out there doing our damnedest to smoke some pins off the table.  I’ll be shooting my new Glock 24 in .40 S&W, which may or may not have enough juice to move the pins off the table in a timely fashion.

Just to give you an idea of how fun shooting bowling pins is, check out the video from the last shoot.

Come out, shoot some pins, and have a great time – I promise you won’t be disappointed.


  1. I have shot at bowling pins once or twice (not in competition) and it is interesting how hard it is to move them with a handgun round. Makes hitting them with a bowling ball seem a lot easier. Now if I could carry as many round bowling balls as I can carry rounds in a Glock 19, I’d be a formidable adversary against bowling pins.

  2. Yeah, it really does take precise hits to move them off the table with alacrity. The most effective round I’ve seen for it was a guy shooting a .445 Supermag, which basically launched them into low earth orbit.

  3. Caleb… what is the distance this pin match is shot?
    I might be in the area that day…. maybe…..
    But so will 68,974,654,677,964 other people, being 500 weekend.

  4. They do, but I don’t happen to have any 180 gr JHPs handy other than my damned Ranger SXT rounds, and I’m not shooting those at pins.

  5. You need to work on your reload speed, Caleb – practice, practice, practice.

    And yes, it is a darned lot of fun!

  6. Yeah, it was kind of a slow reload – I had never shot that gun before, and honestly I thought I had a lot bigger lead over the other guy than I actually did.

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