Josh Sugarmann is a sad panda

You know, every time Josh Sugarmann writes an editorial for the Huffington Post, it just gets a little more sad. I mean, now he’s trying to claim that because S&W is making a DC vs Heller commemorative revolver that they’re walking in the blood of people killed with .38s. Nice, Josh, way to keep the debate classy.

And that isn’t counting his repeated personal attacks on Alan Gottlieb – he just can’t go an editorial without bringing that issue up over and over again.

Of course, maybe he’s just worried that he’ll keep getting calls to transfer firearms, since he actually has a Federal Firearms License, one of the very few FFLs in Washington DC.

You know what? Here’s the VPC’s phone number: (202) 822 8200. Since they’re one of a few FFLs in Washington DC, let’s all give them a call and see if they can transfer one of those new S&W commemorative revolvers to a DC resident. Really, we’re doing Josh a favor, since one of the conditions of holding a Federal Firearms License is that you have to be engaged in the business of transferring firearms.

Again, that number for the VPC is 202-822-8200, ask them about whether or not they plan on doing transfers for DC residents.


  1. I’ll be buying a pair of S&W .38 Snubbies. One for me, and one for my wife, as we’ll be both getting our carry permits this summer.

    I’m thinking the 638 Bodyguard airweight is looking like the winner.

  2. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to own anything S&W after the clinton thing. I was particularly offended when a year or so later their sales were down and they started screaming that it was Glock’s/Colt’s/Remington’s fault for not jumping on the bandwagon with them. They couldn’t fathom that their customers were pissed off enough that they stoped buying S&W.

    I understand they have new ownership, but that bitter taste is still there. I don’t eveb pick them up at gun shows.

  3. Well, if you’re going to hold a grudge against S&W, don’t forget that Bill Ruger campaigned for a national “high capacity” mag ban, with the limit set at 15 rounds. Co-incidentally, Ruger was selling it’s thick as a brick semi-auto with 15 round mags in the same market as Glock’s 9mm, which had a 17 round mag. Bill Ruger is dead and I don’t know who runs the company now, but they don’t have anything that interests me.

  4. Fiftycal, while I believe the Rugers still own controlling interest in the company, they have new management. It appears they are now embracing the concealed carry market & have even come out with a pocket .380 that competes with the Keltec & Kahr pocket pistols. I am happy to see them come around & will consider purchasing something from them in the future. (Note that I have purchased 2 used Ruger .22’s.)

  5. Ahhh, good grief, we’re STILL punishing S&W for what their old British ownership forced them to do when faced with a hostile government agency?

    And even though the ownership has changed (back to American), and they’ve publicly repudiated and ceased their earlier action, and have become one of the leading lights of the gun community — we’re STILL pouting?

    Fuck me, with friends like this, S&W doesn’t need Josh Sugerman to help put them out of business.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment – while I don’t really buy S&W products, it’s not because I’m mad at them for what happened during Clinton, it’s because everything they sell that I would be interested in I could probably buy a reasonable approximation of elsewhere for about 1/3 the price.

    Now, if someone at S&W woke up one morning and said “let’s make a single action revolver” I would be first in line to buy that.

  7. I’m with Caleb. I don’t own any Smith revolvers because I can’t afford any. Drives me nuts that folks like Xavier and Tam can find great examples for great prices, too. I’d love to have a J-frame for the pocket and about a 3″ .357 for the car. A new Smith is out of the question (at least right now), but even the used market in this area thinks it’s sitting on a gold mine every time a wheelgun with an S&W stamp on it comes in.

    I’m over it. And I’m over Ruger’s mag B.S., too. But that little RCP is so totally a Kel-Tec knockoff;)


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