Hey Mike Vanderboegh

You’re not very bright, are you? You seem intent on shooting off your big mouth to whomever you can, and since you’re saying stupid things like “let’s start a civil war” all you’re doing is helping the anti-gun faction ban our guns.

I know that’s a difficult concept to grasp, but you see, there are these people out there in the country, and most of them aren’t educated on the gun issue at all. That means when Suzy opens her daily paper and sees you say that gun owners are ready to start shooting cops, she thinks that all gun owners are as crazy as you are, when in fact we’re not.

The problem here is that we’re winning the fight to keep and bear arms, so instead of being smart about things and playing it cool, you’re making it sound like we want to start shooting cops and civil servants, which is a pretty dumb thing to say.

I get really tired of crap like this – because all it takes is one Mike Vanderboegh to undo all the good, hard work that people have been doing. Negative impressions “take” with much certainty and are much harder to dislodge from the minds of the public than a positive impression. That means that the aforementioned Suzy could have had dozens of positive experiences with gun owners and be warming to the issue, but then she could read what ol’ Mikey writes and start to think that maybe we’re all bunch of crazy nutbags.

Thanks for nothing, buddy.


  1. Marketing research tells us that when we have a positive experience with a company or product, we tell an average of one person. When we have a negative experience, we tell an average of 10 people. Caleb is right…negative impressions are much stronger.

    Not to loop this back to KdT, but that is why we have to be very, very careful about what we say and how we act around folks we want to impress.

  2. The stupidest thing about it is that there’s no serious proposal to license and register all guns, so there’s no need for this sort of threatening. He could have taken the opportunity to show how useless licensing and registration is for solving crimes. He could have shown that L&R have historically lead to bans and confiscations, how it’s a tool of tyrants. Any number of other educational paths could’ve been taken, but instead he chose the emotionally satisfying but uselessly off-putting route of bravado and bluster.

  3. Rob K- There might not be now, but if Congress and the President and both Democrats, then that will be one of the first priorities to get passed.

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