The Taste of Freedom

Tastes like chicken.

Only a short time ago the city of Fallujah served as stronghold for insurgents. Daily skirmishes, improvised explosive device detonations and public unease made operating a business in the city very difficult.

Today, with improved security throughout the region, the low price of 4,000 dinar, or $3.50, will purchase a full meal at the recently established Kentucky Fried Chicken in the Hey Al Dubat area of the city.

That’s so awesome it hurts a little bit, actually.

Plus, the fact that they’re opening a KFC in Fallujah of all places sort of makes it harder for the anti-war faction to claim that a) the surge hasn’t worked, or b) that things aren’t getting better – because let’s be honest, fried chicken and biscuits makes EVERYTHING better.


  1. Actually, it does make the chicken better too. Seriously, have you ever eaten raw or undercooked chicken? Properly deep-fried in a giant pot of oil is a dramatic improvement. :p

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