Keeping your powder dry

Circa 2008, it seems.

The origin of the phrase “keep your powder dry” comes from the era of muzzleloading blackpowder weapons, where damp powder was often much more than just an annoyance, it could lead to a painful death at the hands of Indians or large carnivorous mammals.

My co-host Squeaks seems to have encountered the modern day equivalent of  keeping your powder dry, which would seem to be the much less elegant phrase “don’t overoil the chambers of your carry gun and then leave ammo in there because the shit will corrode and foul your revolver”.  For the record, this is why I recommend the Bore-Snake (hur-hur) to people, especially revolver shooters.  I use the Snake not only the barrel, but after I patch the chambers, I’ll run them through with the Snake to get any lingering grit out, plus the Bore-Snake removes any excess oil that I might have left in the gun.

As much as I hate to sound like a product placement guy, if the zombies did rise, I would grab a Bore Snake to go along with my survival guns, because a dirty gun is almost useless to me.



    No but seriously, “mistakes are nothing more than training opportunities, provided no one gets killed”.

  2. Pretty clearly any gun owner using a bore snake is trying to compensate for something. I mean, come on. It doesn’t get any clearer than sticking your bore snake into the chamber!

    We could so solve this gun violence issue if all you gun guys just weren’t feeling so inadequate about your manhood.

  3. I picked up one for my 9mm on Saturday, and I am in love, no more smelly cleaning solutions after every range trip, and my range bag now has two more pockets free.

    As for the compensating: Sir, I can assure you that if indeed i were compensating for something I would surely have to use something that was bigger than 4.25 inches long and 9mm in diameter.

  4. Are you guys saying you don’t just open the action and stick it in the dishwasher? Hell, maybe my wife DID have good reason to be mad at me…

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