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If you look up on the page, you’ll notice that I’ve pulled down the Toddy Coffee banners and replaced them with a link to Dr. Horrible.

Dr. Horrible was, essentially, and internet musical put out by Joss Whedon which was available for free last week (and I forgot to tell you about it) but is now available for download on iTunes for either 4 bucks for all three episodes, or $1.99 per episode.  The reason I’m putting the banner up now is that believe in financially supporting creative teams who consistently produce cool stuff, and the fact that Joss is doing this to essentially say “screw you” to a lot of the Hollywood studio types makes me decision to support Dr. Horrible that much easier.

I’m not getting or making any money for having that banner up there, it’s just a link – but I can encourage you to go to Dr. Horrible, download the show for a small fee, and be roundly entertained.  You won’t regret laying $4-$6 dollars out for it, trust me.

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  1. We actually decided to wait for the DVD he mentioned rather than buying it on iTunes with Apple’s crap attached.

    I really want to listen to “Stop the World” again this morning…

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