Steel Challenge Match

Looks like I’m all set to shoot the Steel Challenge match this weekend – despite my ghetto-fab holster, I’ll get out there with my Pt-92 and get my ass handed to me by pretty much everyone out there.

But the important thing is that I’m practicing, so that I might have a small chance of beating Joe Huffman at Blackwater Summer Camp.

From my research, it seems that Steel Challenge matches are broken down to several relays consisting of a selection of 8 stages.  The divisions for Steel Challenge are huge, and cover every division in IDPA, USPSA, and even throw in cowboy shooters for good measure, so that I could shoot a pair of single action wheelies and be competitive (within my division).  For some reason, that makes me want to buy a pair of Ruger Blackhawks and start smoking some steel.

I let you know how the match this weekend goes!

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