More goodness

In the cleaning of the gun safe, I discovered that I have a black leather Galco revolver holster for 4 inch Ruger GP100 revolvers.  This is a $60 holster, which I will gladly unload for $20 smackers to whomever would like it.  I can has paypal account somewhere, so uh, first commenter to say “dibs” gets it.

My god I have a bunch of a crap in there.


  1. If it’ll fit a Ruger Police Service Six, I’ll take it.

    But I don’t like Pay Pal, so would you mind receiving a money order?

  2. Money orders are fine.

    Send me an email and I’ll shoot you the payment info. It should fit a ruger service six, as long as it’s a 4 inch tube.

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