The Holster

Last night on the podcast, The Breda mentioned that she was “buying that holster” I had recommend her.  This morning, I had a couple of emails from people asking me what rig she was talking about, so I am more than happy to oblige your gear-lust.

The rig in question was the “Stinger” belt holster from Galco – I recommended it to her because I used one when I carried a Bersa .380, and I thought it was a great holster.  Obviously, the usual caveats about different body types and comfort levels apply, but I’m hoping that this holster will work out as well for her as it did for me.


  1. The Galco Stinger holster won the 2006 NRA Golden Bullseye Award for “Shooting Accessory of the Year” from Woman’s Outlook magazine.

  2. Son, Have you tried the 511 tactical holster t-shirt, it is great for concealed carry. Just a warning unless you have really strong traps don’t wear it for more that a couple of hours at a time

  3. I have a very similar holster from Bianchi. In fact I had one 20 years ago, and lost it in the 9/11 attack on the WTC. I got a replacement after that, have it somewhere. It fits my Beretta 92FS and I believe it came in different sizes. I believe, but don’t quote me, that it was called The Askin’s Avenger. I also think it was a Bianchi design, but don’t quote that as gospel.

    I like it a lot, but I like a holster with a retention device better (a real retention device as opposed to the optional snap on flimsy thing they sold with the Bianchi – which I used once and got rid of). So I prefer a thumb snap holster. A similar holster, was designed by (heck I cannot remember the maker of the holster I am wearing), or at least was sold by, Don Hume (I just took off the holster to check) has a thumb snap. I think the name it was sold under was The Agent, or The Special Agent (last time I checked they no longer offered it, but maybe do again as that was a while back).

    The Galco looks nice indeed, but as I said I much prefer a retention device, and a retention device is a pretty a pretty strong selling point for me. I will admit though the design makes for a very comfortable hip hugging holster, and with my bit of flab, I guess I have a built in retention device for this style of holster.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

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